About Dan

It all started when I was young

My father, George, sang in the Portland Metropolitan opera as a young adult. He used to sing Oh Danny Boy to me when I was quite young. My mother loved to sing. She sang on the radio starting at about 4 years of age. I remember enjoying singing with my mother while we did the dinner dishes. I have always loved music and my main influences were the popular songsters of the 50s and 60s. I started playing the guitar at around age 20. I should have had lessons. My wife, Sharon, taught me basic chords and I learned on my own after that. I started recording for real in 2003 and started then also writing my own songs. I love to write songs and I love to sing and record them.

It all started when I was young

SoundCloud and More

My favorite music site is SoundCloud because it is great to get feedback and to be able to comment on the wonders I hear when exploring other artists’ work. I still have my day job practicing law with my son. But if time would permit I would be making music all the time. I have a home studio with a couple of Yamaha guitars, a midi keyboard and a Eurorack mixer, a PC with a Santa Cruz sound card. I use AKG mikes and head phones and Creative speakers. Mostly I have worked with Sonar in the recording process. I like to get an idea, sing and play a melody with it and then add a percussion track, followed with a base track, usually, and finish with other instruments, using the midi controller, or sometimes add backup vocals or whistling. My dream is to produce songs that have the power to move the emotions. I find my songs are better if in the process I am moved to tears myself and unless I am moved by the sentiment of a song I don’t consider it finished or acceptable. I have to really feel what I am writing/singing. I hope you like my music and I would be delighted if it moved you five degrees.

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